Unofficial Ports

This page lists ports of CyanogenMod to devices which are not officially supported. If you have taken the time to port CyanogenMod to your device, feel free to add a link to your release here. CyanogenMod encourages open development, so links to source code are required for every entry. We suggest the following layout: ”’CyanogenMod … Read more

How To Port CyanogenMod Android To Your Own Device

Note: If you came to this page by searching for information about porting Android, and you’re not sure what CyanogenMod is, learn more about the CyanogenMod distribution of Android here. Contents 1 Some tips on porting CyanogenMod to your own device 2 Prerequisites 3 Collect information about your device 3.1 Look at the device’s current … Read more


To access devices connected to USB via adb or fastboot on linux, you need to configure udev rules. For detailed information about udev, take a look at udev – Arch Linux from the ArchLinux wiki (note that UDEV rules are not exclusive to Arch; udev is used in numerous distributions). You can follow the method … Read more