C-APPS (CyanogenMod Apps)

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Introducing C-Apps

The Cyanogen Apps Package gives users of CyanogenMod access to apps previously only available on Cyanogen OS, the commercial version that comes preloaded on retail smartphones. By flashing the Cyanogen Apps Package, you gain access to Audio FX, Theme Chooser, Theme Store, Gallery, dialer with Truecaller, and email by Boxer.  

Lossless Audio with bass boost, surround, reverb, and 13 preset configurations.

Theme Chooser & Themes Store
Allows you to mix components from any theme so you can create a theme that’s truly your own.

Dialer with Truecaller
Caller ID included in Truecaller Integrated Dialer allows you to identify and block incoming spam.

Email Powered by Boxer
Faster, smarter, and secure. Sync all your email accounts together in one place. 

Brings together all your photos from disparate services, automatically sorting them and removing duplicates.

CyanogenMod Account
Gives you access to the (Find My Phone) feature, ability to remote wipe and remote lock your phone.