Google APPS for CyanogenMod (GAPPS)

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The Google Applications packages (GAPPS) should be installed via recovery.
ARM / ARMv7 / armeabi = Is a 32bit platform for mobile devices.
ARM64  / AArch64 = Is a New 64bit platform used in new devices like Nexus 5x, 6p…
x86 / x86abi= Is a less common mobile platform but used in some device like Zenfone.

x86_64 = Used on Android Emulators.

Copy the gapps .zip-file to /sdcard/
Reboot your device to recovery via any one of these methods: 1) using the power-on key combo for your device; 2) running adb reboot recoveryfrom your computer; 3) or via the Advanced Reboot power menu (enabled in Developer Options).
Choose “install zip” or “Apply update” from within recovery, and navigate to the zip-file loaded earlier.

Reboot from recovery back to Android.


LineageOs Build
LineageOS 16
Android 9
LineageOS 15.1
Android 8.1.x
LineageOS 14.1
Android 7.1.x
LineageOS 13
Android 6.0.x
CyanogenMod Build
CyanogenMod 12.1
Android 5.1.x

CyanogenMod 12
Android 5.0.x


CyanogenMod 11
Android 4.4.

CyanogenMod 11
Android 4.4.
“small” /system
(under 500MB)

CyanogenMod 10.2
Android 4.3
(Jelly Bean)

CyanogenMod 10.1
Android 4.2.2
(Jelly Bean)

CyanogenMod 10
Android 4.1
(Jelly Bean)

CyanogenMod 9
Android 4.0
(Ice Cream Sandwich)

CyanogenMod 7
 Android 2.3

Happy flashing!