Submitting A Port


You’ve got the device, you spent weeks (months?) getting it to work. Now you want to submit your device and kernel tree back upstream to be recognized by CyanogenMod as an “official” device.

Here’s how to do it…


You can save everyone a lot of time by making sure that you have met these requirements:

  • Full hardware support — Everything– every peripheral, every wireless feature– that is supported by stock *must* be supported by CyanogenMod. Any exceptions will be per device (case-by-case) and must be detailed in full.
  • Stability — Nothing should crash. Ever. CyanogenMod has a reputation for stability and your port must be rock-solid. This means no “sleep of deaths” either.
  • No overclock by default — While overclocking options in the Performance menu is well and good, leave the default speeds at stock.
  • Do not over-volt either — Do not go outside of the spec for power consumption. If you want to provide sysfs methods for upping the voltage, that’s up to you. But it must not be a default setting.
  • You have designated at least one device maintainer and at least one person to be responsible for the device’s wiki information. The former will evaluate submissions to the device’s repositories. The latter will ensure that the information/documentation about the device on the wiki is always up-to-date and correct. These people must be identified when applying for official recognition.

Optional (but awesome if you have it)

Submitting your device

  • Send an email to [email protected]
    • This email must contain links to your github repositories for your device
    • This email must contain gtalk and email addresses for contacting you
    • If a team worked on your device, all team members must be listed in the email

Once you have sent your email, expect a good amount of time to pass before a reply. This can take a couple of weeks. Your device will be reviewed. If things need to be changed, a conversation will start with you to help guide you through the process of being accepted. If your device is rejected, you will get a detailed response as to why. Not all devices will be accepted. Keep this in mind.

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