Why Build CyanogenMod Yourself?

  • You never, ever have to wait for a nightly.
  • You can add or remove as-yet uncommitted features with ease.
  • You learn how Android works under the hood.
  • You learn how to use Linux.
  • You’ll learn how to use git.
  • You may, even accidentally, pick up a little C, Java, C++, and learn about the build system.
  • You can personalize Android – make your own tweaks, replace kernels, modules, graphics, add or remove projects, overclock, underclock etc. In other words, you have control over every aspect of your device’s functionality. Your build is custom to you.
  • You can audit the code for potential security issues such as back doors or trojans (as opposed to just trusting a random person who posts a build). Since the CyanogenMod source is open, you can examine every commit, and there are many eyes looking at the code. (does not apply to proprietary blobs, but these are pulled from your device, so you have and are using them already)
  • You can contribute features/fixes back upstream.
  • You can start ports to other as-yet-unsupported devices (start by copying folders from similar devices to devices/manufacturer/model).
  • You come to really understand that Android phones and tablets are full-fledged general-purpose computers just like laptops and desktops.
  • AAAAND… you get huge bragging rights!

Content of this page is based on informations from wiki.cyanogenmod.org, under CC BY-SA 3.0 licence.

Github Organization

Repository Permissions


Owners have full access to all repositories including administrative capabilities.


Comitters have push (write) access to all repositories.

Comitter – Devices

Device Comitters have push (write) access to all device related repositories.

Read Only

Read Only users have read only access to all repositories. While this is available to the public, being associated with the organization allows you to view the combined repository timeline.

Repository Service Hooks

Internet Relay Chat

A custom repository post-receive hook announces all pushes to all repositories to IRC. Currently announcements are being made to CyanogenMod Source IRC channel on Freenode.


A custom repository post-receive hook announces all pushes to all repositories. You can follow the feed at @cmsrc.

Content of this page is based on informations from wiki.cyanogenmod.org, under CC BY-SA 3.0 licence.

Translation Guide

CyanogenMod is constantly adding new features, but those features are usually initially available only in English. We are trying to have those features available in every supported language however.

You just need to create an account on http://translate.cyanogenmod.org and request to become a translator for your language.

If your language is not supported in AOSP, you also need to join http://translate.cyanogenmod.org/project/cyanogenmod-aosp in order to complete all the system translations.

Helpful Tip

You do not have to join the translator community to correct translations. If your language has active translators, you can file a bug report using JIRA.


There is a dedicated Google+ community for CyanogenMod translators. Participation in this group is mandatory if you would like to be involved with translating CyanogenMod to your language. This is largely to ensure you are informed of recent code changes that affect translations. Send an email to the translation lead, Michael Bestas, if you are interested in joining.

Content of this page is based on informations from wiki.cyanogenmod.org, under CC BY-SA 3.0 licence.

Gerrit Reviewers


The following user accounts have Administrator access to the Gerrit application (can create, modify, remove, manage projects, etc). They are the only users capable of granting merger rights to other users. These users also have merge rights against all projects within CM. In the event your project isn’t listed below and is not device specific, you can add them to your review.

  1. cyanogen – Steve Kondik
  2. arcee – Ricardo Cerqueira
  3. ciwrl – Abhisek Devkota
  4. defer – Diogo Ferreira
  5. intervigil – Ethan Chen
  6. Kali- – Giulio Cervera
  7. bekit – Brint Kriebel

Head Developers

Merge capabilities for all projects.

  1. codeworkx – Daniel Hillenbrand
  2. zinx – Christopher Lais
  3. maniac103 – Danny Baumann
  4. devatwork – Danesh M

CM Frameworks Team

For Frameworks related projects.

  1. devatwork – Danesh M
  2. dvtonder – David Van Tonder
  3. jruesga – Jorge Ruesga
  4. decad3nce – Adnan Begovic
  5. mainiac103 – Danny Baumann
  6. mikeNG – Michael Bestas
  7. Rajesh Yengisetty
  8. romanbb – Roman Birg


  1. decad3nce – Adnan Begovic

CM Messaging Team

For reviews pertaining to SMS/MMS and the Messaging application.

  1. maniac103 – Danny Baumann
  2. dvtonder – David Van Tonder

CM Phone Team

For the CM Phone/Dialer application.

  1. devatwork – Danesh M
  2. emancebo – Ed Mancebo

CM Translation Manager

For all translations reviews.

  1. therbom – Marco Brohet
  2. mikeioannina – Michael Bestas

CM Translations

In support of our localization efforts, we have various contributors based on language/region. Please see the Contributors list for the breakdown.

For information on how to submit translations, please see the Translation Guide.


For all patchsets affecting new/existing CM features and general usability.

  1. blunden – Björn Lundén
  2. maniac103 – Danny Baumann
  3. jruesga – Jorge Ruesga
  4. devatwork – Danesh M
  5. dvtonder – David Van Tonder

CM Account

Maintain the CyanogenMod Account project.

  1. cretin45 – Ed Carrigan


For the Apollo music application.

  1. Andrew Neal


CM’s Launcher application.

  1. nebkat – Nebojša Cvetković
  2. jruesga – Jorge Ruesga

CM Apps Team

For various other CM apps.

  1. blunden – Björn Lundén
  2. dvtonder – David Van Tonder
  3. jruesga – Jorge Ruesga
  4. nebkat – Nebojša Cvetković

CM Device Maintainers

A blank area may not indicate lack of maintainer. Check github link at bottom of page.

Devices Maintainer/s (handle)
a5 Grarak
a700 pawitp
acclaim chrmhoffmann
amami cdesai
apexqtmo nardholio, noptys, tdm
aries m1cha
cancro jrizzoli
captivatemtd pawitp
castor cdesai
castor_windy cdesai
cherry dianlujitao
d2att nardholio
d2cri invisiblek
d2lte invisiblek
d2mtr nardholio
d2spr invisiblek
d2tmo nardholio
d2usc invisiblek
d2vzw invisiblek
d800 rashed, intervigil
d801 rashed, intervigil
d802 rashed, intervigil
d803 rashed, intervigil
d850 invisiblek
d851 invisiblek
d852 invisiblek
d855 finnq
dlx crpalmer, invisiblek
e980 tdm (?)
evita Intervigil, mdmower, jrior001
falcon gmrt, LuK1337, luca020400
find5 intervigil, tdm
find7 mikeioannina
find7s mikeioannina
fireball Intervigil, mdmower
flounder simonsickle
galaxysmtd pawitp
ghost Intervigil
grouper jrizzoli, Thoemy, Zyiann
h811 codeworkx
h815 codeworkx
hammerhead Fluxi
hammerheadcaf Fluxi
hiaeul intervigil
hima rashed, intervigil
hlte Noobnl
hltespr Noobnl
hltetmo Noobnl
hlteusc Noobnl
hltevzw Noobnl
hltexx Noobnl
huashan Adrian DC
i605 sbrissen
i9100g jiangyi
i925 sbrissen
i9300 forkbomb
i9500 Intervigil
ivy cdesai, olivieer
jem hashcode
jewel Intervigil, mdmower
jflte invisiblek
jflteatt invisiblek
jfltecan invisiblek
jfltecri invisiblek
jfltecsp invisiblek
jfltespr invisiblek
jfltetmo invisiblek
jflteusc invisiblek
jfltevzw invisiblek
jfltexx invisiblek
kltechn ljzyal
kltechnduo ljzyal
klteduos ljzyal
ks01lte solk2
l01f N/A
lettuce mikeioannina
ls980 N/A
m4 u-ra
m7 Intervigil, mdmower
m7vzw mdmower
m8 invisiblek, uberlaggydarwin,u-ra
m8d bgcngm
maguro Ziyan
mako tdm (?)
manta Tortel
maserati stargo
memul u-ra
mint cdesai
mondrianwifi crpalmer
mt2 mdmower, u-ra
n1 Intervigil
n3 jrior001
n5100 sbrissen
n5110 sbrissen
n5120 sbrissen

You can also consult the Contributors list. Each maintainer should have rights over the specific device repository and related kernel source.

Content of this page is based on informations from wiki.cyanogenmod.org, under CC BY-SA 3.0 licence.


Why do YOU use CM?

MotoEguy shouts

I recently got my new Moto e LTE 2015 and I was fed up with the limited customisability available, then I discovered CyanogenMod! To begin with I was scared that I was going to brick my phone! But in reality it was pretty easy and safe! My favourite features are themes, the launcher and app privacy management! I strongly recommend this!

Great job!

DatGuyUnknown says

Switching to a Custom ROM can be scary at first, scared about bricking your phone and such and blah blah blah. That’s how I felt. I’ve been having Battery issue’s on my Galaxy S5 (4.4.2) and was messing around with my old Nook Tablet that has CM7 on it (I have actually upgraded to a Nook Tablet HD+) and I thought why not install CyanogenMod on my phone. Of course you have to face the risks and such, but once you look on YouTube it encourages you. After many failed attempts (On my end, I was doing a simple step wrong) and waiting countless times waiting at the boot screen it worked! I’ve had CM12 installed for several days and I LOVE IT! So many customization’s it’s perfect. Right now I am a bit sad because I did have to Flash the original Stock ROM (Lollipop) and I miss CM12 already, not as many opinions, and such. It’s actually boring and dull compared to CM12. (The reason I installed Stock again was because I have to send my phone back to T-Mobile, and when I receive my new S5. I’m installing CM12 Again) Otherwise, I would say install CyanogenMod because it’s worth it!

Merk(Rehan) states

been using since I had a samsung galaxy s and lg optimus 3d flawed cm9 initially on the s and since then never looked back. Whether its a new or an old phone of mine its having cm installed on it. Cyanogenmod and koush’s works inspired me to develop for android and dump iOS

In an whole cyanogen is my Inspiration for the career or the venture I am about to start.

SafinWasi verifies

CyanogenMod 10.1 breathed new life into my Amazon 7″ Kindle Fire HD (codename:tate). I have been using it ever since. And now,there are official nightlies of CM 11!!! Yay!!!

Awesome ProBro knows

Just “Awesome”

Andrew says

I installed CM on my phone and I got 100% off! (let’s not say too much)

Aditya “Fat Indian Geek” Ghosh storytells

Whenever I pull out my Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 with CM 10.1, my friends/family members/stranger I just met always ask me, “Why do you use a custom ROM? Won’t it lag/break your device/make it potentially unsafe?”

I used to give them a big speech about how it is faster, slimmer, more frequently updated etc. than the stock device’s firmware, but now, I just tell them ONE simple thing,
“Why do you wake up every morning? Why do you like video games? Why do you read books, listen to music, watch TV? Because it’s human instinct. And this is my instinct, because I am not afraid of exploring a new world, unlike you pessimistic punes.”

Think about that.

Felix exclaims

I had an HTC Wildfire that was destined to death, the carrier decided to drop updates for it, even though I later discovered that GB was a breeze. It’s the high of doing something you’re not really meant to do combined with something so elegant. On the buzz I flicked between a very unstable CM 10 and a nice CM 7. I settles on CM 7 before the screen was destroyed, but I missed the high. I later decided to try to get it on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (another device that was dropped/the update was a long way away) and was a lot more careful with it. I’ve been through good times and bad times (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2352184) but since it’s been officially supported I’ve been flashing a nightly every day with ROM Manager. I’ve never run into any trouble on an official rom.

SferaDev said

CyanogenMod is the perfect ROM made ​​by developers for developers, with a perfect combination of stability and customization. Plus a pure AOSP feeling.

Ryan Norris explains that

CyanogenMod allows me to take control of my device, and break away from my carrier’s bloatware. It allows me to get the newest version of Android long after my carrier drops support, and it’s opensource of course.

Chris H. said

CyanogenMod gives me the chance to run the bleeding edge features of the latest from Google long before my carrier has them ready. On top of that, they pack in even more features and tweaks that enhance stock Android well beyond its already awesome abilities. I can tailor my phone to my exact taste through all of the options and customizations available, getting exactly what I want. I choose the Nexus line of devices to get the pure Android experience, and CyanogenMod to enhance that experience in all the right places.

pbaxter thinks that

CyanogenMod has many useful tweaks that other ROM cookers copy from CM source. but in cyanogenmod you find *all* the tweaks and verything is just fine.

Allen R. said

CyanogenMod has proven itself to be much more appealing than OEM versions of Android, and the fact this doesn’t run TouchWiz, Sense or Moto Blur makes this ROM as simplistic and lightweight as can be. Regardless of whether your device is high-end or not, CyanogenMod shouldn’t open up many problems for your device depending on the build, hell, I’ve got CyanogenMod 10 running on my old HTC Desire, Galaxy S II and Nexus S and my current handset, the HTC One X, so what are you waiting for?

Kevin P. said

After using many ROMS including AOKP on my GNexus, I have kept coming back to CyanogenMod for a simple reason – stability. Sure, AOKP tends to have some more cutting edge features, but I have personally found that CyanogenMod Nightlies are more stable than AOKP major releases. Maybe it’s just me, but CyanogenMod is the perfect blend of Features, Speed, and Stability for me. There’s a reason why it’s the most popular ROM out there.

David Li said

Why CyanogenMod? It offers a stock, AOSP-based experience – the Android experience as envisioned by Google, with useful addons like status bar toggles and themes. The experience is smooth, stable, and simple. I got a Galaxy S3 and the first thing I did was install this ROM, which does its best to support devices well and provide an enjoyable experience. You can’t go wrong with CyanogenMod.

Leo H. said

CyanogenMod is one of several organizations that stands for giving the people what they want. It’s my device, and I have the freedom to use it how I please. CyanogenMod believes in FOSS, and unlike the carriers and manufacturers where I live, CM wants to enable users to do what they like. It’s stable and only adds intuitive and useful tweaks to Stock Android

savy91 said

I love cyanogenmod look and feel, it is damn faster than stock Samsung roms, includes many useful personalisation, it drains less battery and is always up to date!

Parabola had this to say

I started using CyanogenMod and I saved 25% on my car insurance!

Smithchipz stated

I started using CyanogenMod and lost 40kg’s!

Fattire asseverated

I installed CM to an SD card, planted it next to some jellybeans, and gave it a half pail of filtered water. When I awoke the next morn, that little kernel had taken root, and an incredible USB cable rose from the cracked earth, twisting upward into the cyan sky. I launched to my bare feet, fastbooted up, and ascended the git-branched cable. Above, the heavens darkened as the Cloud rolled in from the east. I climbed undaunted, launching forward until at last, I emerged through the haze, stepping unsteadily into the wondrous Land of CyanogenMod. I met several forum trolls, an interactive governor named Cid, an adorable logcat who’d just spawned kittens, and finally a koush who laid golden apps. He even had his own yacht! After many adventures, it was at last time for me to return $HOME. As I returned to the ivy bridge, I heard a LAWL! T’was a gang of wild kangers, out on the prowl for donations. A quick race condition down, lest I be manifestly made clobbered! When I reached the root, I pulled the cable with all my might. But the nexus wouldn’t untether! Taking stock, I ran inside in a flash. I opened a Terminal and, quick as clockwork, typed adb connect I immediately went wireless, so the cable detached and rose upward, returning forever to its heavenly repository with those twrps in tow. What a recovery! And I also lost 40kgs and saved 25% on my car insurance.

roger_n said

Thank you Cyanogenmod you have unleashed the true power of my phone!!!

stephen Castro proclaimed

Cyanogenmod feels like a pure Android experience. sadly all the major companies seem to fall short when it comes to cooking an efficient android Rom. The Cyanogenmod team never seem to disappoint.

PhaseBurn mentioned

I’ve used CyanogenMod since the very early days (Cupcake), and I did it because it was a HUGE speed increase over the stock ROM. It also added features I grew to appreciate over the stock ROM, not to mention a certain “thrill” factor of flashing new firmware on a semi-monthly basis.

Fastfoward several devices and years later, and I find the reasons for running CM have mostly changed.

CM is still faster than stock, but not by anything really noticeable on modern hardware. The copious amounts of RAM, multicore CPUs, and better code in Android 4.2 are enough to cope with most of the differences between stock Android and CM. Back in the days of my G1, this wasn’t the case, but today is a different story. So why am I still with CM all these years later? Because of the features that CM has added over the years, that I’ve grown to love.

CM is stock Android that’s been thrown through the community wringer. The developers fix, reimplement, reengineer, and reinvent the things Google got wrong with it. The changes that are made to the UX alone are what keeps me coming back for more. I also have to admit it’s easier to deal with than stock Android in terms of providing root access. I need root for some of the things I do, from backing up apps and syncing data across multiple devices (Damn you, Angry Birds!), to tethering other devices with out my carrier complaining (I’m of the opinion that data service is like an internet service provider connection – a single device, or a router running NAT, the carrier has no say in what I’m running beyond their CPE device). I also enjoy tweaking system settings from time to time not available to unrooted phones. Rather than having to re-root every time my phone received an OTA upgrade (and that is, assuming the OTA was applied properly in the first place), it’s frankly just easier to keep a CM build on the phone in the first place, which provides root out of the box.

Lastly, the community is more active. The official help forums for the Nexus 4 are not nearly as technical, in-depth, or active as the Cyanogenmod forums/IRC/XDA threads. The level of technical expertise found in the CM community is superior to that found in the Nexus 4 official forums (not specific to any person, just the number of people possessing a clue on average).

In summation, I came for the speed, stayed for the features above and beyond stock Android, got a friendly helping of controlled root access, and found the community inviting, supportive, and intriguing enough to stay. That is why I run CyanogenMod.

x1101 adds

I use Cyanogenmod because my carrier (Verizon US) had decided that their phones don’t need updates, and that even though I paid for the device, they get to install crapware on it. Cyanogenmod fixed both of these issues, first for my Moto Droid, and now my Galaxy Nexus. Thanks team!

laulau says

I started uising CM7.1 on my SGS1, which had bogus officials ROM, and complexe update process (no OTA, just Kies). The power and the beauty of pure Android experience was great on this phone, which alos had CM7.2 and CM9.

I now use CM10 on my GNex, just because OTA update fails on rooted phones. CM new update process is great, and addons over pure android are great too.
Finally, I use CM on my HP Touchpad because I wanted Android, and the beta ROM works prety great on it !
Thanks for all your work !

mglraimundo states

I heard there was some kind of bacon in it that geeks just love.

Phil K said

To me it’s a great rom on my Samsung Vibrant. One of the only few I’ve found with bluetooth tethering. eep up the great work.

Paul Julian Gould said

I use a cooked Cyanogen Mod 7. as it gives me the flexibility to get the most out of a device (Huawei Ascend 2) that only cost 100 dollars US. out of the box, it’s a nice phone. with CM 7. it’s a mobile laptop, in effect.

John Judy said

For me it’s slimmer than stock ROM, more up to date and can be configured so that it is faster or uses less battery life. Compared to other ROMs it’s more stable and better at keeping up to date.

Felix Dürrwald said

I use CM10 on two older generation devices. The Motorola Defy and Nook Color. It runs great, saves battery and enhances performance on both and I would only have Android 2.1 zsp 2.2 on these devices without it.

Bradlei Taylor said

Cyanogenmod pushes some of the best features around and is the king of stability. No other rom compares for me.

Conway Riley said

I use CyanogenMod 10 on my first gen Nook Color. It not only free’s me from the B&N store but I can read digital comics from Marvel and Comixology apps as well.

Jonathan Carter said

For me it brings back new life to my aging Atrix 4G that my carrier isn’t bothered supporting!

Sébastien Débia said

for the toggle buttons in the notification bar, and, well, I haven’t used stock android in such a long time I probably don’t realize what I’d be missing ;)

Andre Luiz Barbieri said

More stable than stock version.

Nagy Balázs András said

Speed, efficiency, extra features, support, tons of new features. I have a Galaxy S and an old NookColor on CM10. It is a huge improvement over the original firmwares in all aforementioned things. s someone said, once you go CM, you don’t go back.

Scott Shockey said

because of the stability and speed. Although the Gnex has this from the start, CM allows so much more usability than any stock rom. Features, look, feel. Everything is great about it.

Jesse Roberts said

Fine tuned control over my notification LED (Nexus 4) and quick toggles.

Sina Taheri said

When compared to stock CM is far more functional and up-to-date, it’s fresh, and a sign of advancement in technology.

Tist Verdonck said

My LG Optimus Black feels so much better with cm10, than with the brand new official ICS upgrade?

Kyle Corroo said

I love trying and testing new features in the nightlies everyday :D

Marcin Juszkiewicz said

2 years ago I bought Nexus S (9020T) because I wonder to switch to Android and it had to have best possible support from Google. Some time later I installed CM7-nightly on it, played and got hooked. Amount of tweaks, addons was amazing. witches in notification area which did things not possible with Widgetoids I used before. I was able to remove some apps just because they got not needed – system already provided same functionality or even better. nd it was more up-to-date than stock. Then CM9 appeared. Holo was awesome change. You guys cleaned addons/tweaks so they got more sense. And again I had latest-and-greatest stuff before Google even though about providing update. CM10 shown that JellyBean is doable on 2 years old phone. But CM10. told me: you have to finally upgrade.

And I do not want to use phone without CyanogenMod on it. Can not compare with other “”roms”” cause I did not used such – were only on CM and stock.

Diogo Passadouro said

I use CyanogenMod because the rich in features, the awesome speed! Makes my phone update to the latest Android release and I can count on a large community to help in anyway to make a better, faster, more beautiful ROM available! In simple words, make my phone to the next level of awesomeness!

Martin Zemek said

Newest Android on my SGS without TouchWiz.

Chibi Sun said

Coming from touchwiz, CM is a great boost in speed, I like the AOSP feel but the stock aosp rom lacks some features. Usually CM has pretty much all I need. Besides that, it’s quite stable, even if I’m using nightlies, the things that I found not to work are very few and they get fixed eventually.

Richard Harper said

To get the Stock Android experience without any carrier/manufacturer bloatware.

Rob Owen said

I had CM7. and then early CM10 roms on my moto defy & it made it into the phone it should have been in the first place. asy to customize, build for speed and great info available for new tinkerers to get going with. Now on Nexus 4 with CM10, and it rocks. Really like the switching between notifications & quick settings, everything you need within a swipe!

Manuel Schneider said

Android is good but you guys just make it better. Especially the lockscreen, launcher, notification bar, touch clock in notification bar, flashlight in notification bar, OTA update, speed, OC, efficiency. Really shouldnt you ask for things we dont like??

Jeremy Martin said

I wanted a custom rom that had what I needed. Other custom ROM’s seem to credit CyanogenMod for the work so I figured why not just use CM? Also CyanogenMod is faster at releasing updates than Verizon Wireless on my Galaxy Nexus :)

Aaron Huffman said

the main aspect of why I use cyanogenmod is the constant updates, device support and definately the DSP manager, it is boss!

Navjot Batra said

CM got me laid. Bravo, developers.

Selim Çangir said

Newest Android software, stable, fast, customisable, new features and open source of course :)

Etienne Fortin said

First and foremost because I can be up to date with the latest Android release. Instead of waiting forever to get an update from my phone manufacturer / service provider, if at all. Also because of the performance and quality of the product.

Claudio Canella said

I use CM because I got used to some of the features, which I wouldn’t have on stock android. And there are also features which are good in stock android, but the CM team improved them.

Thomas Favaloro said

Most stable rom that gives an AOSP experience with some nice add-ons that allow upgrading to the newest android versions well before carriers push them

Sean Kelly said

“because I can”. That’s 2/3 of the fun for me. That, and I couldn’t stand TouchWiz.

Chris Pugh said

CM updates are far more frequent (and actually up to date) than any OEM’s, including Google (yes, at least one Nexus generally gets it before the code’s in CM, but I see no stock Nexus nighlies.

CM brings the stock Android interface while carrying its own improvements with it. Thankfully I’ve never had to endure TouchWiz.

My girlfriend’s Sony Ericsson U20i had an awful build of Eclair, brought back to life with (unofficial) CM builds. My ol’ U8150 was improved infinitely by CM6 (unofficially) and 7, even after Huawei’s stock Froyo build. I think the main feature that keeps me coming back, despite all I have said (even when the stock build is a joy to use) is volume-rocker music controls. So simple.

P Diddy said

Without CM, I would have returned my Galaxy Tab 10. within the first hour of owning it.

Ryan R said

Probably the same reason many others do, its better than the stock software on my phone’s.

Ghislain Séguin said

1. Notification/Ring volume separation
2. Quiet hours
3. Custom LED notification built-in
4. Chronus widget
5. Being able to run a nightly build with the latest and greatest is made very easy.

Luca Duci said

This is a great ROM for nexus devices because it’s faster than stock and it let you make more things with your devices quicker. QUICK SETTINGS WITH CYANOGEN ARE GREAT.

Juan Ruiz said

I use CM because it gives my phone a pure Android style with many great futures. t’s constantly updated and available for many phones even if they’re not the newest in the market.

Grayson Chaumontet said

I’ve used CM since Froyo. ooks better than stock, runs faster than stock, just all around better really

Ted Roth said

I’ve tried many ROMs, and most were very good. In the end, I decided to stick with CyanogenMod because, to me, their ROMs have the best balance of performance, features, and stability. Plus, the CM team is an awesome group in every way. Having a team like them behind the ROMs is icing on the cake. Lastly, the community that uses and helps to support CM is a great resource.

Andrea Malchiodi said

For me Cyanogenmod represents the real spirit of Android: free ROM, produced by people that uses Android and wants to make it better, a ROM with full customization capability, pure Android feeling, improved in all aspects! ! Nevertheless you were able to give birth to something incredibly better than what Google came up with for each Android version, from CM6 to CM10, that IMHO is the best ROM everyone should have on a smartphone! ! Thank you very much

Navjot Batra said

Another thing, Google dropped the Nexus S, but CM continued to show love for the device. y power button has also failed and using the volume buttons to wake the device has been a life saver :)

Alucard Romero said

I use CM because it is lightweight compared to a lot of overbloated stock ROMs and customized GUI overlays (HTC, Samsung, etc). CM, to me, is Android with tweaks that SHOULD be on every phone. It’s MY phone, so why do I have to use my device the way the manufacturer wants me to when there’s a constantly updated third-part ROM that works even better? Kudos to CM for that vision, even if it was unintended.


it’s pure, it’s fast and, dare i say, it’s even poetic :) and i adore the community behind it. nd the perseverance of its developers. And omg you have no idea how much i like Cid ;)

and yeah, koush stealing yachts is like an icing on the cake!

Clint Pedersen said

Honestly? It just works. And works very well. Not to mention the speed. It is an incredible fast ROM.

Doug DeJulio said

I use it because I can keep a library of different CM versions on microSD cards and boot my Nook Color off of them without modifying the device itself. This lets me use one piece of hardware to test against multiple versions of Android. (I’m a developer)

Mark Pinsk said

CM is like having the official stock Android on your device (i.e fast, stable, vanilla), but with additional enhancements that should have been included by Google.

Jakub Kozlowski said

I use CM because Sony thinks my phone can handle only 2.1, but it works pretty well with 4.2 as well!

Herm Vasquez said

Been using cm since the early days. Started off with the sapphire (mytouch/magic) and never looked back. I could go on and on about cm but in a nutshell it comes down to stability across the board, long term support that the OEM’s can’t offer, and bleeding edge features. Keep up the awesome devvin guys.

Tabrays Nawab said

Because I don’t like limitations/borders.

Giovanni Gomez said

Because Touchwizz is hideous??

Patrick Bosworth said

I use CM because I know that my device will almost always have a version that’s the more up to date compared to the stock firmware. enjoy the increased battery life, the customization, and the fact that it’s stock Android.

Parker Morris said

To get away from touchwiz!

David Kleiner said

Been using CM since G1, the device’s usable lifespan increased by at least a year, proceeded with CM on G2 (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), now on CM@GNEX. It’s been stable, feature-rich and fluff-free.

Blake McMullin said

It gives my G Nexus an edge. I get the latest and greatest in features before Verizon deems me worthy. M in particular gives me great stability. scent was great, and came out quickly, but it just wasn’t as stable/reliable on my phone. eep up the excellent work!

Nick Lipscomb said

It’s the ultimate android experience for me. Superb stability, has introduced features I’ve found myself being unable to live without, allows me to stay up to date with the latest and greatest from Google easily and has boosted the longevity of my otherwise manufacturer-abandoned devices ten-fold. can’t thank you enough in all honesty!

Ryan Burg said

Closest thing to a pure Google phone (without actually buying one) out there! Gets rid of all the bloatware and unnecessary animations too!

Claus Scheiblauer said

I use it on a Nexus 4 because I can enable “National data roaming” (I have no idea why this option is not available in the stock ROM), and customization of the navigation bar and the LED. Very convenient is also the “Quick pulldown”. On my previous Galaxy S CM showed whats actually possible, performance wise, and how awefully bad Touchwiz really was!

dank moo said

I started using CyanogenMod and got a girlfriend!

Jimmie Deveraux said

Snice you are doing refinements, could you add in a Voicemail app? I really like CM 10 but there is no voicemail app and I have had far too many issues with Google Voice. ould definitely use CM 10 if you add it in.

Dominik Loeffler said

I use it on an Xperia Ray because A) it gives me an update to JellyBean (which will never be released by the manufacturer), B) I can use Link2SD to relieve myself from the “insufficient storage” messages after installing a number of apps (Link2SD needs root privileges), C) I get a clean Android install, D) the original design and no bloatware.

Jordan VanCampen said

My question is, when is Google going to hire some of the guys from your team to build android? CM is how stock android should come on the nexus devices. M may not be for everyone, but it damn sure is for me!

Noam Gal said

I really like the fact that CM have taken a good OS, and just made tons of little improvements to it to make it better. The new swipe keyboard on 4.2, for example, does not work in Hebrew on stock. Just works on CM10.1. The Quick Settings Quick Pulldown option is another example of a small improvement, and I think the Power Bar in the notification area is much better than the Quick Settings anyway. CM File Manager is a clean and powerful app, and I also really like the Chronus app. All in all – a lot of small improvements made me flash CM10.1 without even trying out the stock on my new device. Great work.

Szeregowy Pingwin says

I use the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini, and I am great happy because I have a system without an application from Google. I would recommend !!!

Giorgos K said

I enjoy using CM because: (a) It is very close to stock Android, (b) It bundles interesting features that extend Android in good ways (e.g. the updater, a file manager, etc.) and (c) It release updates to a wide range of devices much faster than some of the so called ‘vendors’ out there.

David M said

Cyanogenmod 6 was the second non-stock rom I ever flashed. I started with a near-stock rom by JesusFreke that basically just added root to my G1. After he stopped releasing it, I had to search for a replacement, and Cyanogenmod was there, in easy reach, with a full tutorial on how to flash it.

Why do I use CM? Because I love the vanilla Android look with all the extra features the devs pack into this rom. I have never liked the carrier and manufacturer interfaces, but they have a lot of neat features that stock Android doesn’t have. Cyanogenmod solves the problem by adding all those features and more in an easy to use, easy to flash package.

Finally, Cyanogenmod is actively developed, and always one of the first AOSP roms to merge the new versions of Android as they’re released, and they support most phones well after Google drops support for them.

Simply stated: I use CM because it has all the features I want, great support, and long life on many devices.

Greg Hinson said

I’m using CM10 on a Galaxy Nexus and Motorola Xoom tablet. While the Nexus is Google based, the Motorola Xoom came preinstalled with a bunch of apps from the Motorola/Verizon partnership that I really didn’t care for, and rooting with a custom ROM seemed to be the best option for removing the bloatware and streamlining the operating system. I chose CyanogenMod as the ROM because it has proven to be the fastest and most reliable of all the custom ROM’s I’ve tried. I compare the concept of rooting/installing a custom ROM to installing a new versioon of Windows7/8 on a newly purchased laptop or server. Microsoft has the same partnership with the hardware companies, it seems. They justify a free operating system with computer purchase by installing a bunch of trial software I don’t care about. All I want is the computer and the OS, let me choose what applications I wish to install. I have the same opinion regarding phones and tablets.

GCKUAN states/констатує

English: CyanogenMod. It is bigger than just very good ROM or Firmware (it is). It`s a big family, where everyone can create and improve creations, where is not important fromwhere and who you are, where people just do what they like and you might download/see/taste it! So, what are you waiting for? ;)

Українська: CyanogenMod. Це більше ніж просто дуже добре зроблений ROM чи Дистрибутив (хоча він таким і є). Це велика сім’я, де кожен може творити і покращувати творіння, де не важливо звідки чи хто ти, де люди просто роблять те, що їм подобається і ви можете завантажити/побачити/спробувати це! То чого ж ви чекаєте? ;)

Thanks for all, CM!

Content of this page is based on informations from wiki.cyanogenmod.org, under CC BY-SA 3.0 licence.